Monday, March 30, 2009 - The Home for New Zealand Stockmarket discussion

I launched a stockmarket forum last year but haven't had the chance to spend much time on it for one reason or another and it hasn't had much traffic as a result.

Diddly squat really.

It is still there, it has been since May last year and it isn't going anywhere. I still intend to compete with the big boys.

So here is what you get.

The site is called and can be reached by using that address.

The site is free to read and join, you can post text, pictures, attachments and video and email other members if you want to have that option.

You also have the ability to social bookmark posts.

The forums covered are companies listed on the NZX, ASX and global indices as well-listed with the company prefix.

Forex, property and a beginners section is also included.

There is also the obligatory off-topic section.

Oh and you should see the smiley icons!

Come and have a look, join up and have your say.

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