Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sue Bradford strikes out (Again)

The comely Ms Bradford, in her element.

Given that the repeal of section 59 has been voted down by over 350,000 voters(almost 3 times more people that voted for Bradford's Green Party) in the petition for a referendum to allow good parents to discipline their children, in an appropriate way, and it will be held during the 2008 Election ,it is time for the latest Stan Blanch cartoon.

Stan can be quite a vicious bastard, at times extremely pithy, but he is often on the money and at at times much more, than mainstream political cartoonists.

c Political Animal 2008


  1. It's a shame she's not seen extending her middle finger. Could have used it for my video message to kenn Orr.

  2. As much as I don't agree with the anti abortionist nuts, the pro abortion ones like Queen Latifah, Bradford, are just as pathetic.

    At least Orr and co are upfront about who they are instead of hiding behind disguises.

    That makes people like you gutless in the extreme.


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