Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New grab by Labour at taxpayer funds comes with fakes included

The latest grab at taxpayer funds to prop up the coffers of the Labour Party election fund is reminiscent of the NZ $824,000.00 of taxpayer dollars stolen to buy the 2005 election by funding an illegal pledge card.

The juicy irony this time though is that the sanctimonious fools at Labour passed the Electoral Finance Act in 2007 to make this sort of sneaky rorting of taxpayer funds illegal although now this pack of thieves wont have to pay us back, taking a lead from Winston Peters when he refused to repay the $158,000,00 of taxpayer funds he stole to finance his 2005 election.

Political Animal Electoral Finance Act coverage

The 2008 breach involves an expensive foldout junk mail booklet that will be dropped in budget stretched households all across the nation bestoling their meagre personal tax cuts and large welfare handouts to the undeserved listed in May's 2008 Budget.

This is not the first time Labour have broken their own law, being the first to break it at the beginning of 2008 and now having several cases before the police and Electoral Commission for subsequent law breaking.

It goes to show, that Labour continues to have little concern with the conventions of democracy, law, respect for public money and full disclosure when it comes to electoral funding.

Lessons from Owengate from earlier this year were not learnt. Donations of money were secretly made from Owen Glenn to Labour Party coffers, again breaching the spirit of the Electoral Finance Act and other electoral laws.

The real kicker is that the photo used on the front cover was of a fake American Family, and taken from stock photos from a website. The photo has also been used by Rudd's Labour Party in Australia to spiel their propaganda.

Labour Party President Mike Smith is behind this latest scandal and he said as much when he last breached the EFA that he would do it again, and he has.

The fact that a fake family was used to advertise Labour Party budget policies, sneakily using taxpayer funds to do so, shows voters,especially Labour Party ones, that the content contained in them is just as one dimensional, and lacking in morals as the method of letting the voting public know.

Lesson not learnt from 1999 when Helen Clark signed her name to a picture she said she painted.

Pass me the bucket.

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