Sunday, June 15, 2008

Feminist Socialists: A disease with a cure

Helen Clark and the collectivists in the current Labour Party Government are a product of the feminist/socialist movement rooted in the early 1970s. This movement had its genesis at universities across New Zealand, in the Labour Party's case it was Auckland University.

While there Helen, Michael, Goff and co went bra less, didn't shave parts of their bodies(or in some cases let it grow), protested against anything sensible, smoked dope, experimented with bi sexuality, embraced lesbianism (not that there is anything wrong with that Seinfeld would say) listened to Helen Reddy,drank beer, sometimes went to lectures,smoked dope again, and generally wasted their and everyone else's time and money.

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While there they also fomented the centre piece and central thinking of the current Labour Governments policies.

The central core of that was a socialist/communist bent(nothing sexual of course) centered on policy to destabilise the family unit, restrict individual freedoms and make the State the centre of everything.

What we have seen over the last 9 years of Labour Party policy is a massive increase in Nanny State interference and attacks on personal freedoms.

The legalisation of prostitution-leading to the legitimisation of the act as a career path for Women.

Allowing homosexuals to marry-inherently a male/female institution.

Removal of the Privy Council -allowing judicial activism from politically appointed Supreme Court Judges.

Introduction of the Electoral Finance Act-making individuals and groups fearful of speaking out against the incumbent government.

Repeal of Section 59- the anti smacking bill made good parents criminals and allowed the State to further interfere in family life.

Working for Families-an oxymoron at best, made working families reliant on the State and led to the highest ever number of people on welfare in New Zealand's history.

Attacks on choices -of what individuals want to smoke, eat, watch and listen to and propaganda run constantly on all forms of media to brainwash the masses in feeling guilty if they made their choice to do what they wanted.

Relaxation of the definition of rape-putting innocent males accused in a worse position than a genuine rape victim and therefore lessening the importance of real rape victims.

State employees growing - a huge increase in State sector employees, leading to higher taxes increased red tape and a burden on the private sector

Increased personal tax- leading to families having to work harder and straining the "nuclear family". A deliberate intention to allow the Labour-led State to step in and take control through the Working for Families welfare package.

Interference in employment relationships-legislation passed to allow extra holidays, maternity leave,higher wages, de facto compulsory unions, crippling Kiwisaver and ACC legislation let government agencies take control of private business decisions for the first time in NZ history.

Stealing taxpayer money to buy 2005 Election- not since Watergate in the early 1970s have we seen such a political scandal in this country. NZ$824,000.00 taxpayer money illegally used (and covered up)to fund Labours 2005 election campaign and retrospective law passed to make that theft legal.

The Feminising of education-especially at the primary school level, boys have been largely sidelined to something of a curiosity. Normal rough and tumble play by boys has been hindered(bullrush has been banned!!) by feminist teachers with the same agenda as Clark and her Junta (love that word Junta) and feminist agendas have been given prominence.

The Feminist socialist agenda hatched by Ms Clark and her band of fellow travelers at Auckland University in the 1970s has changed New Zealand society, not for the better but to the detriment of our freedoms, the majority of its working citizens and former taxpaying retirees and to the societal ideal of the successful nuclear family.

This bunch of jack booted, slobbering, anti democratic carpet munchers haven't finished though and their agenda will only be completed when we start to look more like those poor souls in Sweden or the Swedish Model, on which Clark's socialist/feminist/communist model is based. The Swedes suffered under a similar regime for 65 years. That model is almost complete State control over every aspect of our lives.

Luckily though, the sensible among them have said fuck you arse holes we are taking back our lives and they have begun to turn the evil tide of socialism back.

You have a chance to turn the tide back come election day. Vote wisely my friends.

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