Saturday, June 28, 2008

STUFF.CO.NZ: PM forces disabled man to walk

A partially sighted Christchurch man with Parkinson's disease was forced to struggle down the street to his car after Prime Minister Helen Clark's security commandeered parking spaces.

Clark was "very shocked" by the incident, and police have apologised.

Clark's security meant Elizabeth Winkworth was unable to park outside the Christchurch Town Hall to pick up her husband, Marshall Leaf, 81, after a performance by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra on Friday night last week. more

Political Animal comment In the wake of finger wagging and rib poking over the Maori History gaff by Labour this week and the scandal over Ms Clark removing the democratic right for 10% of the population to have a referendum over the anti smacking legislation, we have an arrogant Mugabe-like convoy of $200,000.00 BMW limos inconveniencing an individual with Parkinson's disease.

Of course there is a track record for Clark and transport related slip ups. She is well known for endagering the proletariat when her comfy limo sped at 170km through a 50km zone on the way to watch a rugby game.


  1. This story is totally false. It has nothing to do with Helen Clark who is an amazing woman who would never use a crips parking space.

    Get your facts right Darren before you post lies about Helen Clark, Our Glorious Leader!

    How dare you!

  2. "Faye" Im just relaying what is common knowledge in the mainstream media about what actually happened.

    It is a fact. How distorted it might be would be up to the original reporter.

    The basic premise of what occurred, is, well, what happened.


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