Monday, April 15, 2019

Hallenstein Glasson Holdings: Winter Surprise?

Hallenstein Glasson last recommended here in Jan has taken the 20 net div off and retreated somewhat in its share price.

I cant work out what this share is going to do in terms of share price except to say ill give you some of my feelings on the matter if you were going to buy this company right now.

The all important US/kiwi cross is about the same, inventory is crisp and buying is on key.

What is not apparent, yet, is what the consumer is going to do, and how that will develop along with winter temps.

Hallensteins has been hurt before by mild winters, so what is needed by the group to get the ultimate shot is a good winter all over the country AND it has happened before.

So as far as the winter is going, well it is starting to look good. It is getting cooler than usual for this time of year - in Albany.

Where does that leave the share prince for an opening?

Well I am picking weakness - not unusual for this time of year - so a pull back to the early $4.20's wouldn't be a surprise and if there's anything unusual going on, HLG management will bluntly let us know, they always do.

Either way don't forget that this is the number 1 payer of divs on the NZX. Currently paying over 9 % pa net.

AND its showing a lot more buying interest over the last year - a lot.

Trade/Invest wisely.

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