Thursday, November 27, 2008

Long-term gain, short term pain

Chart for Sky City Entertainment Group Li (<span class=

The 3 month chart for Sky City Entertainments stock price doesn't tell the full story.
As a long-term investment it has managed to hold up well during one of history's
greatest market downturns.

OK readers, this piece isn't about Sky City it is about the benefits of investing for the long-term.

My critics-and I have quite a few because not everyone has the same approach to investing- would say holding onto shares long-term is a losers game and while every share in my portfolio is currently losing money, except for Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, ASB Preference shares and Sky City Entertainment [SKC.NZ]- Fisher and Paykel was added to and ASB Prefs have only been in the portfolio for a short term, Sky City was the first share in the portfolio and has been the base since its inception in 2002.

I would silence my critics simply by saying my Sky City holding has still remained positive during one of histories great market downturns and that is simply because it has been in my portfolio for a reasonable time.

Granted, the stockmarket has further to fall but Sky City has been the bedrock of the Share Investor Portfolio and will continue to provide a safety net in the current market turmoil.

My other losing stocks will recover-a couple may fail entirely-and looking at the long-term again (and I would contend that you must) they will provide a good return for my hard earned shekels.

Keep in mind if you are brave enough (some would say stupid but not me)to buy stocks in the next few months that your stocks may fall further in prices but as long as you have done your research and picked a solid company you will come out the winner in the long-run.

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