Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama set to spread socialisms evil curse

It looks like the United States is moving towards electing Barack Obama on November 4.

But realists like me live in hope that this nightmare doesnt eventuate.

Forget about him being a "black" man because if you go the race way you ignore the other half of his heritage, which is Caucasian. 

He is coloured if you want to go down that track and many from the left of the political sphere seem to want to revel in the nonsense that is his racial background.

If Obama is elected Americans will be electing an individual with little experience, with platitudes for policy and with an academic background, rather than any practical experience in life.

For goodness sake, writing a couple of  poorly constructed and factually fanciful books doesn't qualify you to run the most important democracy on the planet.

The largest contribution that Obama will make to the United States will be his strong Socialist streak.

As a President Obama will be focusing on bringing back big Government.

It wont happen overnight but it will creep ever so slowly across the nation.

Obama will use higher taxes for those that earn more to re-distribute to those he sees as fit to get the proceeds.

This money will be in the form of welfare; new State benefits involving housing, education, welfare for workers, hand-outs to all those that didn't earn the money in the first place.

Those of us in New Zealand know how this has affected us over the last nine years of Helen Clark's Labour Government.

We know the creeping face of Socialism and its associated welfare thrust in New Zealand has caused poverty, higher crime, poorer education outcomes, child killings and of course a disintegration of personal responsibility and a lowering of standards right across the board.

America is a proud capitalist nation and its history of democracy and freedom is at dire risk with Obama the Socialist at the helm.

That is no more apparent when it comes to his appeasement attitude to Americans natural enemies, enemies that from history have always wanted America wiped from the face of the earth and will never change that view-he wants to reason with these people, reason with madmen?!!


It isn't just Americas safety at risk of course when it comes to its defence security. Barack Chamberlains appeasement attitude to enemies will see that as weak and attack anyway and it puts the worlds security at risk.

To elect a man simply because you think you "need a change" or because the colour of his skin appeals to you is simply ignoring basic facts.

What about the mans substance, his record and his plan to make Socialism the centre of his administration should we be unlucky enough to have him foisted upon us by mung bean eating, Kumbya singing democrats.

Kick this faux darkie to the curb.

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