Thursday, November 6, 2008

Leaker linked to Labour Party

After Whaleoil and Kiwiblog initially broke the story of who the leaker of "secret tapes" to Duncan Garner was, Granny Herald finally gets n the case.

That of course is the real story here because the contents of the tapes have not amounted to more than a hill of beans and have mostly bitten Labour on the backside.

The individual who made and leaked the tapes to Duncan "Dunkin Donut" Garner is Kees Keizer (real name?) and he was found to have links with the taxpayer funded Labour Party Blog, The Standard, although the Herald reported that Keizer said he wasn't a member of the Labour Party but was identified by Cameron Slater as being a member of Young Labour, the radical shit stirring wing of the mother party.

He said while he had friends and connections in the Labour, including those on the Labour-affiliated website The Standard, he also had friends in National too.

The Standard is the website where a blogger calling himself Batman posted about John Key's supposed links H-Fee. That blogger is believed to be a senior official, most likely party president Mike Williams, although he has denied it was him. more

Previous denials by Labour Party officials at The Standard that they had been involved in either of the two leaks have now been blown apart and the true purpose of the blog is very clear.

Denials by Keizer that he has connections to the Labour Party and that he is merely a free political spirit wandering in the breeze defy the facts of the matter.

Keizer has been duplicitous and secretive and there have also been questions over the tapes validity.

They have been heavily edited by Kiezer and we all know when that is done conversations can become meaningless and in this case highly suspect.

It is just more of the same gutter politics from the left.

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