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Share Investor's 2017 Stock Picks

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She helped out last year and was kind enough to help out this year as well.

Well, this year has been a good one for stocks on the NZX. 

6324.26 vs 6824.00 as of today's date. The returns have been around 8%, to the overall investor, if you look at the overall index - that is without accounting for dividends.

I personally have got around a 30% return and that just keeps increasing as time marches on (and they will continue to increase) and I havent really bought much this year - because I don't have any cash - my lawyer currently gets that!

There have been many ups, the market in New Zealand was up to over 7400 in September and many downs, the index was down to 6174 in February.

Likewise the Dow Jones Index was up from 17,148.94 on 4th Jan 2016 to 19,216.24 on the 6th December.

Brexit and a whole host of other "its" have foisted their ugly head at us but regardless the world stays intact, we still make money and we always will. 

I will.

With that in mind I will make a start.

Let me start where I always start with my biggest holding, Sky City Entertainment SKC.

At the moment, it is a steaming buy. Especially at below four bucks. Any lower, and it could go lower, it is a steal. 

Big things are happening at Auckland Casino, Adelaide and these are all wrapped up for a long time yet - till 2048 in Auckland Casino's case.

There is talk surrounding a take over or merger with Sydney's Star City Casino but that is a rumour and I don't care, I don't want to sell.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 
FPH is a perennial pick, picked again last year, it improved substantially this year and took a dive from $10.93 to end up $8.20 at time of writing. 2017 will be its year and you may be able to grab it sub 8 bucks. You just don't know. 

The German injunctions granted against FPH's German subsidiary have been lifted and this will transfer to the injunctions in the US Courts. 

Plenty of money being spent, new things being created and sold at less and less cost.

All this means good things if YOU are already a shareholder.

Mainfreight Ltd MFT is well on track to deliver the goods in 2017. 

This has been Mainfreights year, $15.36 on Jan 1 and $20.45 as I write this and a recently announced and increased record profit and a forward looking year looking positive in numbers - the only black spot is the US division. Time will take care of that.

That is why I have been a holder of this company for well over 10 years. I receive a 10% plus net return on this one.

Auckland Airport AIA, it delivered in 2016, it will again in 2017.  It started the year at the high levels of $5.75 and trades this morning, 6th December, at $6.30 and traded as high as $7.75 as recently as September 1.

It could bust through 6 bucks in which case you should be in.

In fact and I will go off topic for a bit, the lower the stock you are interested in buying, have been following, done the research on etc, etc the more you should buy. 

I did this during the GFC and it has paid off handsomely - anyway.

Back to Auckland Airport. 

Its in transition right now - that is it is undergoing transformation - once this transformation is complete the port will be a stunner. Flash and new.

And it will begin again.

With all this building will the port become less profitable? No increasing profits are the rule and they have been for some time.

All those assets that they have, the land, the buildings are all central to the core that this will have lift off. 

Ryman Healthcare RYM is of course a definite push for the entry doors as this keeps getting bigger and bigger. Ignore all broker conflabs about when to buy etc. Do your own research and find the time to get yourself involved.

This company is set to almost double in size within the next 5 years and their Melbourne sites are set to quintuple before 2020 and eventually get far bigger than little old New Zealand. 

Contact Energy CEN, get it while its under or close to 5 bucks. Its got a clear 4-5 years ahead as far as capital returns go.

You just don't know when this stock is going to surprise you. With special div's and share buybacks this share has been a good one in the Share Investor Portfolio.

It will continue.

The Warehouse WHS is included this year as opposed to last year where I dropped it.

I still have long term doubts but with recent buying by one James Pascoe taking him up to about 20% I have to re - consider.

I would rather have a piece of this rather than not, so I am only picking this for some M and A action next year.

Do not pick this for the long term - its a loser. 

Lastly my pick is Hallensteins Glassons HLG, You have to be PATIENT but you can pick it up and all day long its paying 10% plus.

And the best thing about it is that its NOT covered by analysts and brokers (surely two of the most painful words in the market-mans (see what I did there and I will do from now on) So you can make your way without the bluff and bluster.

Its due for a market upgrade in about a weeks time, when they have their AGM in CHCH. 

Everything is looking good for a LARGE upgrade in profit.

Its a good stock.

Told ya Id be biased. Well if I cant get behind my stocks and sell them who else is going to. 

Pick these stocks on dips in their share prices - they ALL have dips.

AND - do your own research - lots of it. 

If your picks line up with mine good and if they don't that's also good because that is what makes a market. 

It makes things interesting as well.

Next year could be another one like we have already had  - some dips but mostly up - or it could - drop but be mostly down. Whatever it is it will provide opportunities for all of us to make money 

See you next year.


P.S. If you have your own picks put them down at the bottom and tell us WHY you picked them.


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