Thursday, March 14, 2013

Of Wagging, Salivating Tongues

I'm getting nervous.

Why am I getting nervous?

Because the value of my portfolio keeps rising - I'm what you call a slightly negative investor.

The value of the portfolio is just over $ 509,000.00 and has climbed steadily since my incarceration ended at the end of May - from around $ 390,000.00.

It reached the half million mark at the beginning of the week and has put on nearly 20% in 2.5 months.

My finger is poised to sell but I just cant, yet, because nobody has been crazy enough to give me what I want.

I want to ditch the 10000 ASBPB shares I hold and FBU but think I can get more for these if I wait, and for some smaller holdings of others, BGR and HLG have done really well...350 plus %.

Starting to do well is FPH, well duh the dollar wasn't going to stay at that rate forever, it is the reason the stock is performing, not that the company is actually performing, as it has been for years.

Contact energy looks about to break of of its trading range of $5.30 - $5.50 and bout time to since it will be doing some sort of fine business in the countries heatwave/drought and this coming profit result should be a doozy - and it may be taken over by someone.

The WHS dropped into the green this week as I stepped back into the country after holiday - oh ditch the holiday moniker, seriously but it was up and I had one guy who took my advice to buy some last week, who did and he scored about 8 k - beat my 3k after about 5 years.

SKC is going up and up and up - notice a pattern there. Well it keeps reaching for the limit of the tower but it is one that apart from being up about 150% after 10 years and almost now practically free still owes me about 2 bucks per share.

Then there is FRE which has gone up about 90% but still bugs me that it has not gone further  - it will one day.

Then MFT always end with the good ones North of 120% and still looking like a winner.

What else can I say ?

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