Friday, March 15, 2013

Share Price Alert: Xero Ltd 3

I know it can I think it can, that's the phrase Xero Ltd [XRO.NZX] holders have been using over the last couple of months as the share price has moved from mid 8s to the mid 10s. Still,  it has gone higher than I would have imagined, its trajectory really bizarre given that has yet to turn a profit or even getting close to it.

I suppose that I should really rate it based on the Australian experience - they tend to go overboard on stock prices too, but I really cant pick it. 

In absence of bad news it seems to be up from here.   

I suppose they would have to add 5 0r 6 bucks - those folks from the land of oz - because they have stocks based on nothing that are valued in similar multiples.

You will lose money if you buy this stock ... unless you are an insider. 

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