Friday, February 8, 2013

Share Price Alert: Air New Zealand 2

Air New Zealand Ltd [AIR.NZX] is faltering.

Its share price has not been north of $1.50 for almost 6 YEARS !

It is well off its highs of over 3 bucks in 2007 and off its recent lows on news of Rob Fyfe leaving in January, announced September.

Its been doing more or less an even flypast since October and looks expensive right now.

If you are thinking of buying this stock (I must warn you again the stock is off 2007 highs) buy in the cents per share. It will be down there again soon.

Then it may well be worth buying, mind you the bailout from "THE GOVERMINT" is going to have some impact.

Watch this turkey, its expensive and you will eventually lose all your money or most of it. 

Tip, invest your shekels in Boeing... 

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Share Price Alert: Air New Zealand Ltd
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