Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Market says Rob Fyfe has failed

So the departing CEO of Air New Zealand Ltd [AIR.NZX] is leaving his post at the end of 2012 and being lauded by some as a  "rockstar" CEO and the saviour of an airline.

According to the market though he is not.

If we look at the 7 year chart below - the length of time Mr Fyfe has been with AIR NZ -.we can see that the share price has kamakazied to half the value it was when he took over in 2005.
7 Year AIR Chart

Not only that, the share price is an all-time low (see 10 year AIR chart below) since the company was injected with a billion taxpayer dollars in 2002. Hardly the stuff of first-class lay back and champagne flutes.
10 Year AIR Chart

Over its 10 year listing Air New Zealand has had negative returns for investors and the share price was markedly better under Sir Ralph Norris who managed the current structure of the company well through its formative years in the early 2000s.

I know airlines are notoriously difficult to run and it is hard for them to make money but the plaudits and pats on the back for him now are misplaced at best and arse kissing at worst.

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