Thursday, April 21, 2011

Give Mr Whimpy the Middle Finger

Bernard Whimp has made another low-ball offer for an NZX listed company. This time it is Sky City Entertainment Group Ltd [SKC.NZX] and it is one of the stocks in the Share Investor Portfolio.

I thought he had been given the boot but here is, back again offering $2.30 for shares that finished trading at $3.42 yesterday.

Naturally I will not be accepting his kind offer but I am feeling a bit naughty this morning so I have a proposal to get back at the whimpmeister.

I am going to send my offer forms back to him (slightly whimsically filled out) in the freepost envelope provided because it is going to cost him to open and pay for the postage used.

What I propose is for my readers to download the acceptance forms that I have been sent, including the freepost envelope you can stick to your own envelope and send them whimsically into whimpy boy. You dont need to be a shareholder, just fill in fake stuff or a blank form or just send the envelope!

I may send in a few more copies myself.

It is all about him making more money and taking advantage of morons and the vulnerable and part of me thinks that is OK but I tend to loathe what he is doing so I am bloody doing this.

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