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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why the NZ Herald is after Paul Henry

Why is the New Zealand Herald after Paul Henry?

Well, not just Paul but Michael Laws, John Key, or any other person they perceive as a right wing dog that might put a foot wrong in the eyes of the sniveling wet left and its "commentators" , bloggers and facebook groups.

They are doing it out of desperation.

In the face of bloggers from like Cameron Slater from Whaleoil, who have penchant to write from the lip from the street level of journalism, former national respected papers like the Herald are moving towards the tabloid end of town.

Cameron and his left and right mates you see are taking up a slice of the media that they want to occupy but they have found the going hard. In the race to the bottom in terms of journalistic integrity and standards the Herald and the mainstream media in general have failed to counter the immediacy and accuracy of the "alternative" media because they lack the ability for flexibility or simply don't have the balls (yet) to start ranting and raving with expletives and bad grammar that is often part of the blogosphere.

The Herald are on their Paul Henry crusade simply because it allows them the ability to get in amongst the new media and try and take some of their audience away.

They are failing though.

While Slater and his mates audiences are growing, the Herald and their mates are losing their audience and money.

Has anyone told them yet that you can blog for free through this format and others and tell people a story this way?

It doesn't take millions of dollars and hundreds of journos and all that cost.

It is a desperation bourne out of the mainstream media desperate not to lose shareholder moola or in the case of TVNZ, taxpayer moola.

Simple as that, and that dear reader is about as low as you can go.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mainstream media reluctant players in Labour's passport for donation scandal

It is interesting to see mainstream media reaction to Ian Wishart's major scoop in his TGIF Edition electronic newspaper.

Wishart's expose' of donations to Labour for a New Zealand passport have had exposure in the New Zealand Herald:

The Herald on Sunday understands Yang Liu donated $5000 to Cabinet minister Chris Carter's Te Atatu electorate committee before the last election. Wagering a bob each way, he also met National's John Key and donated another $5000 to that party.

We find out additionally that National have received a donation also, but they were not aware of his dodgy background, Labour was, and that is the story here. We also know that larger donors usually give similar donations to each major party so as to not show bias or arouse any suspicion.

We can all surmise who was given the 5000 first. 

From , NZ Heralds main competitor, we have nothing at all.

This is their alternative headline instead:

An Australian bookmaker has John Key as a certainty to be our next prime minister, while the odds on Helen Clark retaining her job have blown out to $A5.

No wonder I don't buy the Sunday Star Times anymore(I don't buy the Herald anymore either for different reasons).

If you dont look past TV3s misleading main headline and first paragraph,which is the way many people get their news, you could be forgiven for thinking that National have done something horribly wrong:

The thorny issue of political donations is back, only this time it is not New Zealand First but Labour and National who are on the receiving end. Both parties have accepted money from a man called 'Bill Liu' who is reported to be a criminal in China, his country of birth...

It is not until well into the TV3 story that you get to the meat of the matter, that Labour have turned a blind eye to Yang Liu's dodgy past and given him a New Zealand Passport. Receiving $5000 from him at the same time is, once again, the story.

Tv One had a story last night on the scandal but I cannot find anything on their website. Instead we have this as the leading political story:

A Fairfax Nielsen poll has the Labour party languishing at 33% , but Helen Clark remains a popular choice to lead the country... more

A rehashing of the Fairfax Poll out on Friday and good spin for Labour.

The Labour Party Blog, The Standard, took a while to get spinning but the laughs just keep coming from them in The best that They've got? :

The allegation of corruption is simply dumb. Liu gave a small amount of money to both major parties, the Minister correctly stood aside from the decision given his personal acquaintance with Liu. The idea that Labour is giving citizenship to people who give them $5000 donations is laughable, the guy isn’t even a Labour man he has just been getting to know politicians, regardless of party. Indeed, he seems to have known National better.

Of course National are not the government and they didn't grant a passport to an individual who also gave money to them. Labour did, and that, yet again, is the story here. 

]We need to know more.

The best that "they" can come up with? Very conspiratorial if you ask me.

The they that the Labour Party writer talks about is but one person, Ian Wishart, not a leftist Labour Party cabal set up to dig insubstantial dirt on National as has been the Labour Party's modus operandi for many years and especially over the last few months.

No wonder I am bitter and twisted.

At least I still have my looks to fall back on.

Passport scandal @ Political Animal 

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NZ HERALD: Owen Glenn press conference

The press conference at the Hilton at 10.00am today that reinforced Owen Glenn's assertions against Winston Peters given at the Privileges hearing yesterday.

Owen Glenn with his executive assistant Laura Ede at today's media conference. Photo / Brett <span class=

Owen Glenn with his executive assistant Laura Ede at today's media conference. Photo / Brett Phibbs

Updated 2:09PM Wednesday September 10, 2008

By Edward Gay

Labour Party president Mike Williams denies he sought a job from Owen Glenn earlier this year. Mr Glenn today claimed Mr Williams had asked him for a job when he visited him on his yacht in France in July this year. "You're going to love this," Mr Glenn told a press conference in Auckland this… More

Sunday, July 27, 2008

NZ HERALD: John Key-Part two

3:00PM Saturday July 26, 2008By Carroll du Chateau, Paula Oliver and Eugene Bingham

Key giving his State of the Nation speech this year. Photo / Martin Sykes

Part One of the John Key story
John Key in photos
John Key in his own words
Parliament's $50m MP
'I'm more liberal than I look'
John Key Timeline

For someone whose career had been a series of champagne glass-chinking highs, John Key's first day in Parliament was a shock. Flushed with his victory in Helensville, he was almost jumping out of his skin at the chance to get started on the next part of his life plan. The first day of his journey to be Prime Minister.

And he walked into a blood bath.

The country had been brutal in its judgment of National in 2002, its support on polling day collapsing to 20.9 per cent, the 66-year-old party's worst-ever election result.

Amid the carnage, Key had been the bright spot. Auckland's Westies had reacted well to the new face with its big smile and a man willing to roll up his sleeves and hammer together his own hoardings. As it had earlier in his life, Key's self-confidence and willingness had paid off, and he won the Helensville seat by 1705 votes.

On the Tuesday morning following the election, Key flew to Wellington for his first caucus meeting. "I went in feeling euphoric and left feeling depressed," he recalls.

The departing MPs, some retiring, many defeated, stepped up to receive their farewell gift (a silver tray), said their farewells, and left. The survivors and the few newcomers - Key, Don Brash, Judith Collins, Brian Connell and Sandra Goudie - huddled together.

It was a sober introduction to Parliamentary life for this retired merchant banker. Last week, in part one of this project, we told his background story, the steps he took to reach Parliament. This week we examine Key's rise to the top of the party and explore what he stands for.

Key achieved his goal of getting elected, even as voters mauled his party. His longer term ambition to be Prime Minister is now within reach. But which John Key will emerge? The centrist figure who has embraced so many existing policies that his critics label "Labour-lite"; or the career banker and money-man, who linked fast economic growth with fewer holidays for workers (two weeks' annual leave, in fact), said he could not see any reason to own Air New Zealand, and accused some DPB mothers of "breeding for business".

In a little more than three months, New Zealanders will know if Key occupies the Beehive. The bigger question is will they know what to expect from him? In this, the second part of our far-reaching examination of the 46-year-old, we push past the window dressing to reveal what he believes in and how he operates.

We have read hundreds of Key's speeches, trawled through the Parliamentary records of his questions to ministers, and pored over interview transcripts dating back to the start of his political career. As well, we have interviewed dozens of MPs, including those from other parties in an attempt to glean as full a picture as possible. Those interviews are among about 100 we have now undertaken as part of this project.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Winston Peter's Glenn donation scandal: But wait theres more!

Seems the Dom Post has been digging for gold over the Winston Peters secret donations scandal as well as the NZ Herald, who kicked it all off a week ago.

The latest revelation is that Peters has received money from the Vela family, owners of large fishing and racing interests in New Zealand.

It is thought that the Vela Family could have given up to NZ$150,000.00 and it hasn't been disclosed and must be. Donations have been made in amounts under $10,000.00 so don't have to be disclosed when made separately. Again big money going to a politician who has campaigned against the National Party for doing similar things.

The donations do not appear in NZ First's annual declarations to the Electoral Commission. A clear breach of electoral law if it is true.

The Dom Post hasn't made a direct comment on the fact that Peters has had donations from a family deeply involved in the racing industry while at the same time Peters is the Minister for racing. Political Animal will. That is corruption at the highest level, even if Peters latest donations are legal.

A second revelation by the Dom Post has been that Mr Henry, Peters Lawyer, also received at least $45,000 for legal services - paid for by Parliamentary Service funds last year.

Winston has replied in typical fashion that taxpayer money has been used to pay his legal bills:

"That is a lie."

MPs Rodney Hide and Gordon Copeland have taken a breach of privilege over Peter's secret Glenn donations to the speaker of the house, Margaret Wilson, while John Key asked Winston to apologise for misleading the public, too soft for my liking, and our great leader, Helen Clark, backs Winston all the way - why wouldn't she, her party has been arse deep in the same sort of corrupt practices.

In characteristic political fashion, something he has no doubt learnt from Helen Clark, Peters is leaving the country on another bauble filled junket.

He hasn't given a press conference, as is his want, to clear things up, so will get away with commenting until he gets back.

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c Political Animal 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Winston Peter's nose continues to grow

Winston Peters, caught out lying 2 weeks ago when email evidence confirmed that he and or his party, NZ First, had received donations from Owen Glenn, the billionaire from Monaco, denied the initial accusation revealed by Audrey Young from the NZ Herald.

This was after denials made by Peters earlier this year when secret donations from Glenn to the Labour Party were revealed.

On Friday 18 July came the bombshell that Peters said he found out from his lawyer "at 5.00pm that day" that Peters had indeed received money from Glenn for legal action taken by Peters after he challenged his big loss against National's Bill Clarkson, in the Tauranga electorate at the 2005 Election.

The twist with Peters though is that even after he was revealed as a liar the second time, himself, he now says because the money from Glenn was used to pay "an existing legal bill" it is neither he or his party that had received the donation:

Asked about pecuniary gain, Mr Peters told NZPA he did not believe he had benefited personally from the arrangement whereby his legal bills were paid by anonymous donors and he paid the shortfall.

Mr Henry(Peter's lawyer) concurred last night.

"There is nothing I am aware of where someone contributing towards a bill you have incurred needs to be declared."

Peters is in effect creating a "third entity", in the existing legal account outstanding, to dodge the fact that he was a beneficiary of Owen Glenn's largess. Legalese at its most immoral and repugnant, just like Peters stance over this matter.

What is even worse is that Peters, uncovered as a liar by Audrey Young is still being called a liar herself by Peters because she wont reveal the email evidence she has. Peters had contended last week that Young and the NZ Herald had "made it up" owed him an apology and should resign from the paper.

This kind of tough stance by Peters is characteristic of him and his political and legal past, in his long winded "winebox" saga especially. He has demanded jail, fines, apologies resignations and sackings against his political foes in the past, for imagined and actual corruption and lies.

It is a shame Winston Peters doesn't look in the mirror past his shallow facade.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Anti smacking law a resounding success

Hasn't the removal of section 59 or the anti smacking law been a resounding success?

Over the last week two children have died after being beaten to a pulp and one in in critical care with life-threatening injuries that include internal bleeding, head injuries and several pelvic fractures.

Sue Bradford, Helen Clark , Cindy Kiro and the law's supporters have thanked State agencies for executing the new law with such success over the last year.

7 children have been killed in the year since the law was passed and many more have been seriously injured:

  • Remuera 16 month old Sachin Dhani June 2007
  • a 28-year-old woman charged with murdering a newborn baby found dead in the backyard of a Te Mome Road property in Alicetown June 2007
  • Tokoroa 22-month-old Tyla-Maree Darryl Flynn June 2007
  • Rotorua 3 year old Nia Glassie July 2007
  • Manurewa ten-month-old Jyniah Mary Te Awa September 2007
  • Otahuhu two-month-old Tahani Mahomed December 2007
The law's supporters have all come out and strongly spoken out against the killings and additional severe beatings, and cite the removal of section 59 as the impetus for further good results in 2009.

"Our kids can can be thankful for this kind of considerate, sensible, compassionate and effective law and we are very proud to have passed it".

After all it is about the safety of children.

5:00AM Tuesday July 08, 2008
By Elizabeth Binning

A 39-year-old woman has been charged over an assault that left an Avondale toddler fighting for his life.

Itupa Julie Mikaio appeared in the Auckland District Court yesterday charged with assaulting Benjamin Mikaio, 3, on or about June 27.

The defendant, who comes from Samoa and is unemployed, did not enter a plea. She was given bail.

Police say they are still considering whether other charges will be laid.

Benjamin was rushed to the Starship hospital three days after the attack - on the advice of extended family members - with life-threatening injuries that included internal bleeding, head injuries and several pelvic fractures. Continued

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NZ HERALD: Police called in as toddler fights for life

Yet another child is injured. Just as many, if not more children have been hurt or killed since the anti smacking legislation was introduced over one year ago.

This is an indictment of failure for this legislation and common sense suggested before it was passed that the bill was about restricting parents rights and increasing State influence rather than caring about our kids.

Cindy Kiro, Susie Bradford and Especially Ms Clark should hang their heads in a collectivist shame.

What they will do while our kids are being bashed like the one below though is wring their hands as they always do, and tell New Zealanders that it is "everyone's fault", not the bad parents fed by Labour's Welfare State that are responsible.

5:00AM Wednesday July 02, 2008
By Elizabeth Binning
A child abuse team was alerted after the toddler's injuries raised suspicion. Photo / Martin Sykes

A child abuse team was alerted after the toddler's injuries raised suspicion. Photo / Martin Sykes

An Auckland toddler is fighting for his life after being taken to hospital with serious injuries that are now being investigated by police.

It is understood the 3-year-old Avondale boy suffered the injuries while in the care of his family early this week.

The family are believed to have sought advice from relatives in Glen Innes before the boy was taken to Starship hospital on Monday afternoon.

Police were alerted to the possible case of child abuse by medical authorities at 4.30pm.

The Herald understands the boy has several injuries, including serious head injuries. continued

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mike Moore turns the knife on Electoral Finance Bill

Mike Moore, former Labour Prime Minister and thorn in Helen Clark's arse takes another swing at the fascists voting for the Electoral Finance Bill.

The NZ Herald has once again given Moore an avenue to vent and once again I congratulate them for their commonsense attack on this Bill. Shame they don't have the same commonsense when it comes to their bizarre support of "climate change". We live in hope!

This bill is set to pass this week after much stalling by the National opposition and will be in force by January 1 2008.

The coming week is the darkest in our democracy's history because it will mean the end of free speech in an election year.

There are no foreign powers making comments at the death of democracy here, nobody seems to care that this sleepy little once free land in the South Pacific is turning into a bright yellow fascist/communist banana.

Will you care next year when you have to keep your mouth shut?

Its too late baby, its gone.

C Political Animal 2007

Moore continues attack on controversial Electoral Finance Bill

11:50AM Sunday December 16, 2007

Mike Moore has continued his attack on the Electoral Finance Bill.

The former Labour Prime Minister has today labelled the piece of legislation as fatally flawed. He says the restrictions in the electoral finance law, promised by the Government to be passed next week in Parliament, are without precedent in the free world.

Mike Moore says the bill is wrong in principle and in substance and will end up doing the opposite of what its authors expected.

The fresh comments come in response to Invercargill mayor Tim Shadbolt's promise he will continue to run ads against funding cuts at Southern Institute of Technology, even if the bill passes and he is breaking the law.

Mike Moore launched a public attack on Prime Minister Helen Clark earlier this year, comparing her to Robert Muldoon.

C NZ Herald 2007