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Friday, September 18, 2020

Flying Close to the Sun

Im just sitting here at the moment pondering. I am sitting here on a beautiful Autumn day - 21 degrees - and Edinburgh is pretty much doing what it has been doing for the last 100 years. Going to work, largely

I guess you are sitting down at your computer and wondering when this #covid19 bullshit is going to stop.We must go "back to work" and that means most of the restrictions that we face in most parts of the globe - except Sweden where they have got it right - must be rescinded.

We have got companies and individuals that have been hurt fatally and many others that are right on the edge. 

Which brings me to the point of this post. Flying.

I have been on this route - from Hastings to Edinburgh for a couple of years with of little consequence except of course the length of the flight and i look up into the sky now whenever a plane fly's by because they are so few these days, to see where the plane is domiciled.

I was just watching CNBC and they had a full list of the Airline companies that have borrowed money and boy have they all collectively borrowed 10's of billions of green backs - remember this is CNBC. BUT taking a sweep over the lot of them - Delta American Airlines etc  looking at their market caps they are down around half of what they were trading at before this thing began back in Feb. HALF.

BUT trading has not returned to anything like half the biz they were once doing.

True they are doing much better than #airnewzealand and #Qantas is doing right now because in the US they rely far more on domestic than they do international for numbers of people through the door.

BUT i still remain highly skeptical about the Airline market as an investment. We all know of the impact our Govts have had on the market. This at the moment is a current thing. Things have not changed highly for the last 6 months. Yet these Airline companies are still "worth" billions - they are not.

The Airline market wasn't a money maker before 2020 and after that date things are looking very dicey - as a plane from Qatar fly's overhead, must be the only plane that i have heard today VS #precovid19 they were flying all the time - and the longer the knukkle draggers in parliament/s all across the world waggle their finger at us the dicier it does get.

But look at the market caps people, i wouldn't even get on the plane. I would be off at the internet booking and putting my money elsewhere.

May I suggest you are a masochistic if you don't.

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