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Thursday, February 1, 2018

What do you Really Mean by buy now?

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It just came to me that since I have been offering up buys and sells for a 5th of my life on this ere blog that I explain what I mean when I say you should really think about purchasing/investing this share soon.

Basically I see a share as a unit of storage. That is a storage of income to either add back to your portfolio or add to your pocket.

The cheaper you can get that storage for the better.

I have 7 stocks in my basic portfolio some of them were bought with the purpose of income - SKC, CEN & HLG - and some were bought for increasing DIVs and capital gain AIA,FPH,MFT & RYM. Currently they are all doing what they should, the 3 former are all reasonably low in share price and the 4 latter are all relatively expensive.

Once again I will not sell no matter what happens - I will only sell when something material happens with each specific company.

So the indicator there for today's market is that you tred very carefully before you purchase a share/company.

Likewise when I give an indication of what to buy in a down market, I think i tends to be a little less cautious about price - because your simply getting the storage for a lot less than you get it in an up market so its silly to quibble over a few cents.

Why not give an indication to buy only during a stock market downturn?

Well I do as a general rule I have bought anything substantial since 2012. I do however see value in specific shares during the ups and the downs. I buy these. I have bought a number of shares since 2012 but I have never held them with the intention of holding them long term.

Having said that there are 2 shares that I have bought - CEN and HLG - that I did buy between 2012 and 2014 that I have held and I didn't intend to keep them at all, except perhaps CEN a little bit - always liked this share since I first bought it in 1998 for $3.10.

What i'm saying is you need to be flexible especially now a days things are changing so fast. 

AND you can do this all yourself.

All it takes is half an hour each day to do some reading - my blog esp - and your set.

Go for it.

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