Monday, August 28, 2017

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ltd: Should I Buy Now?

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ltd [FPH.NZX].

After a great half year profit result back in May this little puppy just kept on climbing moving approx 15% from the result date until today.

Last week there was a small currency inspired blip although no material impact was felt. This has happened many times before so there's nothing unexpected about it.

The impact of the Resmed factor looks to have waned with rumours that the once on again is off again in terms of the financial impact - 20 + million thus far off the bottom line.

Well have to wait and see about that, except the market seems to have left that behind.

The thing is when do you buy?

Wait and see if the stock goes down or buy now and look back in 2-3 years and prove that your initial ideas were on the money.

It a tough decision.

If you are like me put this on your watchlist and wait. For the right time and circumstances that would make this a buy. You may have to wait for many years, not weeks or days.

You will know from your research that this company is going to do much better in the future.

Read this again in 5 years then tell me what you think.

Be ya FPH share price at least doubles.

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