Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Had: Jetstar

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I posted the following on facebook on February 18.
I traveled to Auckland from Napier for the last 2 years 2 times a month via Air New Zealand until December to see my daughter. 
I'm going back to Auckland for good in 2 weeks.
I wanted to give the incumbent some competition so bought 2 tickets in Feb for $118. Much cheaper than Air New Zealand.
BUT HERE IS THE WARNING. Do not under any circumstances buy tickets for any Jetstar flights. They will be late. In many cases, like below, not come at all.
Your not going to "like" this. I just got back to Napier after spending the night in Auckland at the International Terminal (got 2 x 8 food vouchers) because "we ran out of time and just decided not to go tonight, cause we ran out of time" (my emphasis).
I have to thank Hollie at the desk, there that she was so embarrassed she offered to PUT ME UP IN A HOTEL AT HER EXPENSE for the night - such a sweet thing to because if you know me i have had a stroke and 5 seizures and i "have" (i say this but it seems its past now) to have my meds twice a day) Hollie (i think it is Hollie) you a wonderful person,
We decided to get you all on the 3.00pm the following day (today) but get this there is a flight to Napier at 8.45am so i try to get on this i get asked to come back at 8.15am but find the plane is late, go figure, so the standbys that they usually have, they had empty seats on the plane, they don't have anymore. They have them there but it is there policy to cut you off.
To cut a long story short a wangled my way onto the plane after shouting at the top of my voice (i meant too but i simply shouldn't have to) I simply wanted to give the other guy a go (love competition)and was willing to forgive them the fact that i was one hour late GETTING TO Auckland and had a return ticket booked next week as well.
But guess what, i will never, fly Jetstar again.
Thanks to this, countless others will be thinking again. 
You have been warned.

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