Thursday, January 7, 2016

AIA: To Buy Now Or Not To?


Would you buy Auckland Airport shares right now?

That is a very good question considering the first half profit will be announced next month you would have to say leave it to the other side of this announcement.

You would also have to say what about China whats it doing?

Well as far as the announcement is concerned that is going to be a good one for share holders - north of $80 mill for the half and that is more than likely going to boost the share price to past $6.

So the second question is worth looking at because it is a good one.

Is it worth waiting until the shite hits China then buy up or risk the share going up in price.

I bought my shares at 1.70, 1.50 and - 1.90, I think. I bought the during the depths of the great recession and they have turned out to be by best investment.

They have returned over 600% and my only regret is that I didn't buy 40,000.

SO, what are they going to do?

Well I can give you two pieces of advice because you are the one putting money on the line.

You can buy now with the inevitability that you are going to see similar returns (over 600%) or be patient (or if you think the China thing is another bubble you wont have to wait long) and wait it out till the stock-market has a correction (its not overvalued if you compare the income your getting from stocks to interest from the bank/having an investment house but long term it is overvalued on P.E ratios and a number of other financial ratios. )  

I going to stay shtuck (my google dictionary says that is not a word)on this for now and let you decide.

Whatever your decision it will be interesting.

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  1. Morning Star (well I have a ASB trading account) value this as $4.20. Their system hasn't always worked for me, but as an amateur trader (part-time at that), I take their values seriously. Disc. I own shares in AIA.

  2. I take what I can from Morningstar and from EVERY other agency out there paid to help you. They are pretty much going to tell you what you want to hear. Take the stock your looking at put it under the blowtorch, look at it from every perspective. Make YOUR OWN mind up about it. Its your money.


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