Monday, December 6, 2010

Consumer Alert: Rusty Kia K2900 Commercial Vehicles

I bought a brand new Kia 2900 commercial vehicle back in May from Giltrap Holden over here on the North Shore of Auckland for my Landscaping and Gardening business. Excellent specs, air con, electric this and that, great stereo, good hauling capacity and more power under the hood than most.

All for an excellent price of $28,000.00 - I haggled down from $34,000.00, I am that sort of guy.

The only problem is that there was surface rust all over it that you really couldn't see when buying.

Reluctantly Giltrap Holden had a look at it and had 2 goes at removing what was there but really were incapable of doing a proper job.

This was then forwarded onto Craig Buckley, National Sales manager for Kia, who personally came to my house to rectify the problem (excellent service from him) and to cut a long story short the job was done well and came back last week all rust proofed and shinny and better than new - save an aerial that wasn't screwed back on.

The only problem is that the rust issue was a systemic one that all these vehicles had and Chris said they had been withdrawn from sale which I agreed should be the case.

When I asked if Kia was going to contact other Kia K2900 owners about this rust issue though Chris said no and it would be up to customers to complain.

So this is a warning to owners of Kia K2900s and prospective buyers because Kia is still selling these vehicles.

This is not good enough and I thought a recall of the affected vehicles was in order.

Not good enough Kia.

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