Friday, May 28, 2010

Fisher & Paykel Appliances 2010 Full Year Profit Analysis

The 2010 Full Year result for Fisher & Paykel Appliances [FPA.NZ] out this morning should leave shareholders feeling a little green around the wallet.

In relation to the 2009 Full Year result of $33 million the 2010 $83 million loss on revenue down 15%, while possibly better than most thought it would be, is nonetheless a testament to management failure.

Both the 2009 and 2010 full years were marked by one off "restructuring costs" and there are probably more of those to come but normalised profit (which FPA like to point out) has almost halved from 2009.

Revenue in Australia has improved significantly and New Zealand revenue has stopped falling.

Notably though North American sales have collapsed over the last half, while European revenue has more than halved in the 2010 6 months.

These markets were trumpeted by management as high growth and while other appliance makers sales have improved in these markets as the economy is stimulated by taxpayer handouts the more expensive and unreliable FPA product has been languishing on the shelves.

A plant built in Mexico to meet this demand has been underutilized and value of it written down this year.

Net debt, while reduced significantly because of a capital raising and bailout by Haier in 2009, at $179 million is still way too high and likely to increase and need further attention in the medium term, especially if sales don't improve.

The outlook for 2011 remains bleak in my opinion and further losses look to be on the cards even if sales improve.

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