Monday, April 19, 2010

Share Investor Q & A: Reader Questions to Xero's Rod Drury

After I wrote this small piece the other day about my interpretation of Rod Drury's interview on Radio New Zealand's Nine to Noon about his company Xero Ltd [XRO.NZ] he left a comment refuting some of what I said.

He kindly mentioned if I wanted to email him about questions I might have that could illuminate my mind on his company I was free to do so.

He also agreed to do a Share Investor Q & A to give his side of the story.

I know little about Rod and where he is going with Xero but he has many fans out there in techland and they are insanely loyal about the company, its products and its people and this will be my chance to get to know him and his company better. I am open to conversion!

I have some questions in mind to put to him but I would like to know what you guys think.

Leave your questions for Rod here, which is the comments part of this post, and I will include the best ones in the Q & A.

Cut-off time for questions is end of Tuesday 20 April, so don't dawdle.

NB - the interview will be posted here shortly so please stay tuned. There are more questions asked than I thought there would be and as Rod is a busy beaver he will need some time to answer in a manner that he sees fit.

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