Friday, April 3, 2009

The Headliner: 2 April 2009 Edition

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Direct from my Mysterious Benefactor comes another edition of one of New Zealand's leading finance papers, The Headliner.

This April 2 edition has a major story on Sky Television [SKT.NZ] and its coming battle with Tivo.

It also covers something I have missed, a foray by Jan Cameron to buy more shares in Postie Plus Group [PPG.NZ] She now owns a whopping 17.75% for a very low total price.

It also skips over retailers Hallenstein Glasson [HLG.NZ] and Briscoe Group [BGR.NZ] with a look at results and future prospects.

Pike River Coal, GPG and Cavalier are also given the once over.

The Headliner has an interesting Portfolio picks section. Here are this edition's picks:

Pike River Coal [PRC.NZ]

Lyttleton Port [LPC.NZ]

Northland Port [NTH.NZ]

F & P Appliances [FPA.NZ]

Just Water [JWI.NZ]

Nothing I would have chosen except perhaps Fisher & Paykel Appliances and only below 20c.

To my mysterious benefactor thank you and please keep them coming.

Disclosure: I own PPG, BGR, & HLG

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