Saturday, July 5, 2008

Big wheels rolling, were moving on

Emmerson, Friday July 4 , NZ Herald

Emmerson doesn't seem sympathetic to the truckie's protest but the majority of Kiwis are behind them.

It will be interesting to see what the next political Polling will uncover given the awful week Labour has had.

The week started with the backfiring of accusations made against our future Prime Minister, John Key, by Ms Clark, that he had some sort of conflict of interest over owning NZ Rail shares and asking political questions about the company.

Tuesday rolled along and we found out that the NZ$1.7 billion, so far, to be spent on buying Toll Rail and renaming it KiwiRail was unaccounted for, there was no idea how much money it would need to operate it, that it would never make money and that Toll had been paid a taxpayer subsidy to compete against other truck companies.

That same day Annette King broke her promise to give truckers fair warning of road user charge increases.

Revealed in Parliament Wednesday, that a primary school had been left with leaky classrooms,smelly toilets and sewerage soaked playing fields for 3 years with no government intervention.

Friday rolls around and protests not seen in this country against a government for generations elicits an arrogant, ignorant response from Helen Clark- "I didn't see or hear anything, I was too busy".

Can it get any worse next week?

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