Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Charity begins at the money source

Winston Peters, in much happier times.

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You just know it is election year when members of Winston "Baubles" Peters party, NZ First start poking their tongues out at immigrants.

Once again it was Asian immigrants who bore the brunt of the poodle party's wrath and ironically it was a 10 pound pom who was the chief protagonist.

Appealing to NZ Firsts near dead voter constituency of over 80 year olds who thinks Winston is "cute" in that Italian suit and $200 dollar haircut, immigration looks set to become the party's main platform on which to launch itself for the election.

Fantastic, xenophobia, attacks on journalists and giving to worthy causes will be Winston's three key points this year-hold your hand like a horizontal scout salute when you make those points OK.

Unfortunately for us, Winston's largess in giving to charity means we miss out on the $158,000 he purloined from the taxpayer wallet to get himself elected in 2005. Hell, even the biggest bandits of them all, The Labour Party, paid back the more than $800,000 they stole to buy the same election.

In fact I think I may employ Winston's "charitable deductions" when it comes to paying the alarm mans bill on Friday.

No Sir, I don't believe I will pay your bill, I would like to nominate we pay the food bill this week with it instead. The alarm man is bigger than me, and I suspect I might get a well deserved thick ear, even at the mere suggestion.

The arrogance of the man is only surpassed by his obvious vanity and lack of ability to do his job.

Like alot of parliamentarians, he simply is a useless wanker.

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