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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

It's all about the Return

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It's all about the return.

After real estate, for better or for worse, the NO 2 investment is the stockmarket.

But what we have here is diff - I changed what I was going to talk about after a well earned nap.

We have interest rates at an ALL TIME LOW.

When you change something so fundamental - forget the reason why they "had" to change - to the structure of the economy you are going to get distortions.

In this case your going to get assets - and having a share is an asset - priced way ahead of where they actually should be.

But that's normal now.

So what I'm saying is.

Until this all comes crashing down - who knows it could be right now - then rightly or wrongly. And I would say wrongly. Your just going to get the housing market - sorry to Kirsty Merriman for this one - and the sharemarket will follow. Until the last 10th of a percentage point I fear is going to be wrung out of those.

So your Meridian Energy your Contact Energy everything with a return will get hammered up and up.

When do I get out? If your me I wouldn't be too concerned.

But what goes up eventually settles down to somewhere more manageable.

I leave the rest for up to you to decide.

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