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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Close up Video[July 22] Peters on the attack!

WATCH INTERVIEW Close Up: Winston Peters-22 July 2008 (7:01)

The TV One, Winston Peters interview,live from Singapore, by Mark Sainsbury today, was more of the same bluster and invective from an individual on the ropes and going down for the count.

Peters denied that he received more that $NZ10000.00 from the Vela family, even though the Dom Post have evidence that the family have gifted $150,000.00 to Peter's interests.

He attacked the media again and said the latest accusations were "lies" made up by the media.

Watch the manila folder flapping incessantly through the whole 7 minutes of the interview.

He is usually unflappable.

Peters ended the interview with a wait till I get home taunt to his accusers.

I cant wait.

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