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Friday, August 22, 2008

Man faces trial for flick of child's ear

Another failure of Helen Clark's anti smacking brigade.

The Christchurch man accused of assaulting his two young sons will face trial.

In January, Jimmy Mason claimed he was harassed by the police when he was spotted publicly disciplining his four-year-old son. As reported he flicked his sons ear when one of his sons put another in physical danger and was subsequently injured. Mason was surrounded by six police officers minutes after a teacher, witnessing the flick of the ear by the father informed an off duty female cop.

Police initially issued the man with a warning but will now prosecute him.

Those who supported the removal of section 59 to allow decent parents to discipline children said this sort of prosecution would not happen.

There have been many other parents similarly hounded and harassed by PC PCs since the section's removal, for lightly smacking their children.

The shame just continues.

In a related story, the petition for a referendum to repeal the new anti smacking law has officially succeeded, with 310,000 votes collected.

A referendum on the issue must now be held but well known anti democracy campaigner, Prime Minister Helen Clark asserts that there is no time to have it before the 2008 election.

Clark wants the referendum done separately.

It will cost around $10,000,000 extra to have a separate referendum.

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