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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hallenstein Glasson 2015 Profit

Just back from a self imposed exile.


Top of my agenda is Hallenstein Glasson Ltd [HLG.NZ].

It is top of my agenda because it has its full year 2015 profit out on Wednesday and there is much talk of oh its had its best days behind it, it wont be long before its doing its best impression of a Pumpkin Patch (a stock I once owned)or Postie Plus (again a stock I used to own). There is a difference.

The difference here is that it isn't the same. It knows that there is competition out there from the Top Shop (albeit - a bastardised version) and H & M and a whole host of others and they will be going in the shops daily to see what they are up to - trust me,they do.

The shtick is that there is competition and we are going to take it seriously.

Amongst our leading selling bits and bobs we are going to do anything to appeal.

We DO realise that things have changed and that we have to be on our toes to meet those changes as they happen.

We have been here for 135 years and we along with our cash - no debt you understand - are going to be here for another 135 (60 years of that will be with me, 12 years so far)developing in whatever way the public deems necessary.

We will change and change again.

I have had my doubts about this company but it responds in cycles. At the moment it should be going through a recovery cycle but it isn't, people have lost faith in it, that's good that it isn't because it just leaves more room for people like me to buy more - which I'm doing.

I managed to scape enough together for an additional 4000 shares, bringing my total to 14000.

I noticed they got to about- not about, exactly $3.10 before trading up recently at $3.50.

I got mine at about $3.20.

I haven't heard a thing about this Wednesdays announcement.

I haven't even heard if its good because when management usually inform the market they were unusually quiet.

Well see on Wednesday.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015


I've been meaning to write this for a while - about 3 years but some else got in the way.

Many readers, and all of my critics, which is just about all of you, jostled me because of my position and views about Restaurant Brands.

Well I turned out to be wrong and you (the critics) turned out to be more wrong than us all because many YEARS down the track - you know tortoise vs hare kind of thing, long vs short term thinking RBD turned out to be a winner.

SORRY, Russell Creedy.

And I put money on it, 60000 shares over 3 years. Then I sold it in 2001.

Now they are selling for nearly 4 bucks.

With dividends that went over my purchase price many times over.

They would be worth well over $200000 today and returning nearly 40 per cent. I was buying the company at its lowest price, 55c.

Only one person had the fortitude to stand out from the rest and he's rich by now.

As a company its run very well and I still eat there, KFC, its not yet back in the good ole days but its getting there.

It shows you that a company, run by the right person with clear, consistent goals can be run very well for the long - term with increases in productivity.

As an aside, DONT listen to others, DO your own research, and ignore advice that you get.

You will do all the above at your own risk.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Danish Cartoon depicts Muslim faith for what it is (NOW with added blasphemy!)

I have published one of the cartoons that the 12 brave men and women who got shot to death today by 3 crazy Muslim bastards have published in the past.

We must not let them silence us.

Keep poking fun at all religions and all things that amuse you.

It is your right to do so.

I have so far resisted publishing these hilarious cartoons but have now entered the fray and expect a bit of a backlash.

These cartoons rightly parody the Muslim religion. They depict the prophet Mohamed and the Muslim religion for what it is: violent, nasty, dictatorial, murderous, cruel and unworkable in the modern world.

The mere fact that the Muslim world raises itself up with death treats and carries out murders and bombings against those who dare to criticise the religion, show the "faith" for what it really is.

"Moderate Muslims", if they truly exist, should counter all these death threats and extreme views against people's democratic right to free speech by publicly defending rights to free speech instead of joining the Muslim bandwagon and proclaiming some new jihad against the Western world.

Image result for mohammed cartoons

These cartoons are moderate in their message compared to the message of Jihad
pushed daily by Muslim leaders.

I wait with baited breath but don't expect condemnation of this extremism by the Muslim world.

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