Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Tennis Partner Wanted

Just a note way off topic. I am looking for a tennis partner. You have to be interested is tennis (hmm mm) and have a reasonable grasp of the game. Only singles players need apply.

If your looking for a good hit out apply here, now,  Darren at shareinvestornz@gmail.com or try me on the bat-phone, 021 505 767, I am nice.

I have never belonged a club but if its good enough for Andy its good enough for me.

Love to hear from you no matter how good you are - I'm not perfect, definitely not.

In Auckland would be bonus, possibly on the shore.

On topic how about that Fisher & Paykel huh ?


  1. Anyone for tennis?? Andy rocks and much as I would like to say that I am equally inspired by him, unfortunately I am on the wrong shore and will have to stick to urban road squash with my son. Inspired by your amazing recovery, I seem to have turned a corner in my recovery also. I expect to be off government benefits within the next 6 months and able to work again to support my little family. Thanks!!

  2. Wish you would reveal yourself but thanks


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