Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs: What we can all learn from him

I have been very interested in the commotion surrounding the death of Apple Inc [AAPL.Nasdaq] boss Steve Jobs over the last day or two and what we can learn from the life of such an intelligent, driven, charismatic and by all accounts, kind man.

Steve Jobs was first and foremost a man with lots of ideas, most of them good ones, which he managed to pursue to the end result of a product that made it to market that consumers lapped up with an almost over-exuberant glee.

Attention to detail, hard work, perseverance, failure, some risk (aint that a no no these days) and the right marketing and one can achieve anything in business and in life!

These things are largely absent from the values of most business people and the companies they run. Individuals these days want things yesterday, want to start at the top and are unwilling to put the time into a business or task, they want an instant hit.

I may sound like a grumpy old bastard - I turn 46 in three weeks - but I am only 10 years Job's junior but share the same values he had.

In an age where we have seen individuals given loans they could never pay back and greedy Wall street types capitalize on the stupidity of those individuals and those that have worked hard and saved bailing those (individuals and countries) out too lazy to lift a finger, Job's example of a life lived with the basic values that made a success of his life and changed the world in the process, should be looked at closely should we want to live a more valuable, meaningful, positive and ultimately more responsible life for ourselves, our families, our communities our country and the globe.

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