Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Corporate Fundraising for Natalie

Last week my wife passed on details to me about a lady named Natalie Murphy, a 34 year Mairangi Bay mum with terminal cancer who has been given just 12-18 months of life to live by her doctors.

I have to say it, her situation really touched my heart and it especially pulls at the heartstrings because she has a young boy the same age as my little girl.

My wife asked me if I could ask some of the business contacts I have made through this blog to see what they could do to help make Natalie's life a little easier and help her enjoy the life she has left with her 18 month boy Jackson and her devoted Husband Greg.

I don't have the time to organise and ask everyone but what I did do is contact CEO Nigel Morrison and his personal assistant Niki Schuck at Sky City Entertainment Ltd [SKC.NZX] and ask them what they could do for Natalie.

Connie Sprague from SKC got back to me and managed to organise a weekend for 2 at Sky City Grand, which they will use for a well earned weekend away and needless to say Natalie is absolutely over the moon.


Sky City didn't ask for any publicity, they were quite prepared to do this on the quiet but I would like to publicise what they did because I have an ulterior motive!

I would like to ask through this post of any leaders of NZX listed companies, individuals or others who would like to help Natalie and her family out.

Natalie's friends are having a fundraisng event on Thursday 7th April at The Patriot in Devonport, and they are after goods and the like to raffle to raise funds to help keep Greg at home as much as possible so he can spend more time with his family away from work.

So come on you lovely corporate lot, dig deep and help Natalie, Greg and little Jackson.

You can either email me here , leave your details at the bottom of this post or email the organiser of the charity event Ursula Mushett with your lovely goodies.

Thank you Connie and thanks in advance to you lovely generous lot who read this blog.

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