Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Aunty Helen partly right

So Helen Clark told the Herald last night that national was taking a "laissez-faire attitude" to the current financial crisis.

I would have to agree with her to a certain extent.

Am I getting soft now that she isnt terrorising New Zealanders anymore in her capacity as Prime Minister?

Not really, but you have to come out and call it how you see it.

I like to think that I do.

Anyway, moving right along. 

Having said that I agreed somewhat with the former Prime Minister this is where our agreement ends. Careful planning of any "economic stimulus" on the Government's part must be done.

The American 700 billion plus bailout hastily slapped together before Christmas hasn't and will not work and at least half the money has disappeared down a black hole-par for the course for most Governments im afraid.

While everyone is entitled to a Christmas holiday, especially John Key and his National Party, after a hard fought and won nasty election campaign on Labour's part, the current financial crises does need some considerable and reasonably swift care.

Lets not forget who got us into this position in the first place. Labour and its profligate spending on social interfering and empire building. 

We shouldn't also forget that as this was unfolding during the recession that started in late 2007, and continues to this day, Labour's answer was to buy a run down train set for 5 times its worth, promise to give more money to students and beneficiaries post the 2008 election, increase the cost of doing business, introduce a crippling tax via carbon trading laws and spending taxpayer money and valuable time on digging baseless dirt on John Key when they should have been concerned about an economy in recession.

Michael Cullen was a the centre of this economic mis-management.

I am hoping John Key has used his summer break to put his brilliant economic mind to the question at hand and we will be waiting to see how his Government will put together a package that isn't a socialistic handout but a real economic stimulus where it is needed.

The tax breaks coming up latter this year are going to help and more taxpayer wealth back in taxpayer hands is going to to the business.

We want and need economic stimulus not more of the same welfare mentality that got us in this dire economic position in the first place.

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