Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Auckland Airport merger update

The Battle for the Airport

The ongoing debate over ownership of Auckland
International Airport, the gateway to New Zealand. More
Auckland City Council vote against AIA sale - Sydney Morning Herald
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The CPPIB will get the 40% of acceptances by 5.00pm Thursday(NZ time) But the
Labour government look set to stop the deal anyway.

There have been further developments in the Auckland International Airport(AIA) merger saga today.

Since the last report here though, Infratil, a 3% holder has decided to approve the merger and as of today, after market closing at 5.00pm, The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board has 38.7% acceptances and its a gnats whisker away from the required 39.53% needed by tomorrow.

Although largely immaterial, given the overwhelming acceptances already, Auckland City Council has voted just 30 mins ago(8.20pm NZ time) not to sell their 12.7% stake and vote against the merger going ahead.

Clearly the move last week by Micheal Cullen to retrospectively stop the deal by changing a law has backfired on him and CPPIB will pass the acceptance mark with flying colours.

Cullen will likely stop the deal anyway he can because he thinks there are votes to be had, so the positive outcome for the Canadians is going to end ultimately end in tears for them.

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